What do you think about conspiracy and conspiracy theory?

Everyone thinks they’re an expert on conspiratology, including idiots who don’t believe in conspiracy, period. But can you define the word conspiracy? How about conspiracy theory? An army of propagandists who tirelessly redefine the terms aren’t much help.

So if you’re a truther, how are you going to argue with a propagandist if you don’t even know what conspiracy and conspiracy theory are?

No conspiracy theorist’s library is complete without What Is Conspiracy?.

At last, there’s a book that spells it out. It’s available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. You can read the Introduction here.

Soon available as a paperback, What Is Conspiracy? is adapted from the forthcoming bible of conspiracy, Conspiracy Science. It’s much smaller, cheaper and less offensive to people who can’t handle too much truth (or occasional foul language).

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